Party Poker New Jersey Running 50k Guaranteed Sunday Tournament

PartyPoker NJ 50k Guaranteed

A week after announcing their exciting $1 million promotion, dubbed New Jersey’s Next Poker Millionaire, Party Poker is back at it again in the Garden State, this time announcing the largest weekly guaranteed tournament in the United States, the Sunday $50k Guaranteed.

The particulars

The tournament will take place on the website every Sunday at 7:30 PM, and is open to all players located in New Jersey with registered accounts at Party Poker’s New Jersey Internet poker room.

This tournament is only available to players registered at, and is not open to players at other New Jersey online poker sites.

How can I register for the $50k Guarantee at

Registering for the tournament is as simple as can be. Players can buy in directly for $200 or enter one of Party Poker’s numerous a satellite tournaments and win their way into the weekly $50k guaranteed for as little as $5.

Satellite tournaments for the Sunday $50k Guaranteed at can be found in the main lobby. Simply click on the “Tournaments” tab followed by the “Qualifiers” tab, and then look for the “Sunday $50k Qualifier” tournaments and choose your format and buy-in.

You can click here for a walkthrough on registering for the Sunday $50k Guarantee at or for a list of qualifier tournaments and a walkthrough on registering for one of the satellite tournaments available.

Why play guaranteed tournaments?

Guaranteed tournaments have become increasingly popular in the online poker world throughout the years, as they attract very large fields for the poker site, but even more importantly, they are seen as a win-win for players. Here is why.

First, if the site doesn’t reach the guaranteed prize-pool they have to kick-in the extra money, which translates into an overlay for each player registered in the tournament. The fewer players registered for the tournament the better the overlay, and it’s not uncommon for players to have an extra 10%, 20%, even as much as 50% equity thanks to an overlay.

And on the flip side, if the tournament does meet or exceed its guarantee than the prize-pool will swell, and if history is any kind of an indicator, once a tournament crosses its guaranteed amount players tend to flock to the tournament lobby to register as visions of a big score start dancing through their head.

So with guaranteed tournaments, you either get a juicy overlay, or you’re competing for a very large prize-pool; like I said a win-win for players.

Will the tournament reach its $50k guarantee?

With a $200 buy-in it will take 250 players to meet the $50k guarantee being offered by Party Poker, which is probably very unlikely to happen in the early days of the New Jersey online poker market. It’s not that there aren’t 250 online poker players; it’s just a matter of finding 250 online poker players willing to fire-off $200 on a single tournament!

Anything can happen, but I am expecting a very juicy overlay in this event for the immediate future.


Steve Ruddock

Steve Ruddock

Steve is a veteran online poker writer with thousands of news articles to his credit. His primary focus is the burgeoning market for regulated online poker in the United States, including New Jersey. Follow Steve on Google+.

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