Can Ultimate Poker’s Software Update Solve Their NJ Problems?

UP NJ online poker new software

Ultimate Poker unveiled their long-awaited and much needed software update this week in Nevada and New Jersey.

The update includes several significant improvements but for many players it’s still not quite up to par with some of its competitors as Ultimate Poker’s software is still lacking several key features that online poker players have been asking the site to incorporate since it first launched.

Despite its flawed software (to be fair Ultimate Poker built the software in-house from the ground up) Ultimate Poker has remained competitive in Nevada, but in the more competitive New Jersey market Ultimate Poker needed to upgrade their software as they were beginning to fall into irrelevancy.

The current software upgrade won’t turn UP into a top site overnight, but it certainly is a step in the right direction, and if it can be followed up with another upgrade in the near future Ultimate could start to see their fortunes change in the Garden State as they already possess the best customer support and have been pushing the envelope with innovative promotions as well.

The good

Here are the new features and improved functionality of the Ultimate Poker New Jersey and Nevada poker client as listed by Terrence Chan on the 2+2 poker forum.

Wait lists finally added

Perhaps the most annoying feature that has been MIA at Ultimate Poker is the lack of waiting lists, a problem that is now solved – at least in Nevada, as wait lists were not part of the New Jersey upgrade due to a technical glitch, but will be in the next patch.

Prior to the wait list feature being added players would have to rush to open seat like a game of online musical chairs, with the lurker who managed to click on the empty seat first given the spot. Poor mouse control and speed could leave you sitting on the sidelines waiting for a seat for quite some time.

Auto top-ups and reloads available

The second upgrade included in the latest software patch is one more of convenience than necessity, but one that serious poker players have been clamoring for, as players at Ultimate Poker can now predetermine when to rebuy and top-up their stacks.

Previously players would have to manually rebuy or top-up which meant hands could be missed if a players was felted (multiple hands if you happen to be in a blind), or a player may have to play a hand with mere pocket change before they can enter in the amount to reload.

Dedicated Omaha tab in lobby

Ultimate Poker has also added an Omaha tab in its cash-game lobby, which is of course the first step to potential filters being added.

Geolocation improved

The software update has also seen a significance improvement when it comes to geolocation, as players are reporting fewer disconnect and geolocation hiccups.

According to Chan, the “Client should be more stable (crash less often).”

Auto Log-in

Players in Nevada can save their login and password details in the poker client – this feature is not allowed in New Jersey per their regulations.

What’s still missing

Ultimate Poker’s Terrence Chan was on 2+2 touting the new features the site is offering, but he also said there is still a long way to go for Ultimate Poker’s software.

Chan told the 2+2 forum that the site was aware of its shortcomings and was working on further improvements:

“Obviously there are still tons of things we need to… but hopefully this creates an improved UP experience. We’ll continue to work on improving both stability and user features.”

Chan specifically mentioning the following missing features as areas where UP needed to upgrade their software:

  • Time Bank
  • Synchronized Breaks
  • Notes
  • Showing rebuys in the lobby
  • Deal speed
  • Turn off animations/avatars
  • Hand history replayer
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